#91 ¿Qué quiere decir ‘ya’?; or, what does ‘now’ mean?

28 Aug

In the face of the ongoing lack of resolution to Mexico’s grave problem of (largely drug-related) violent crime in the US border areas, and with Mexico’s presidential elections coming up in 2012, I found this  sign unfortunately, perennially pertinent.  (However, in full disclosure, I am not certain this shot is from Mexico–it might be from Guatemala, or El Salvador, or Nicaragua or possibly even Peru.) “The people are hungry, let’s do something now (ya)”.  Mexicans living in jeopardy of falling victim to either organized or random acts of violent crime would also like something to be done now.  Unfortunately, circumstances have gotten incrementally worse,to the point where I am reluctant to visit my in-laws or take my kids to see them, at least not  in the state of Chihuahua.  ¿Hasta cuando llegará ese ‘ya’? (When will it be ‘now’?)  That is the conversation I had with one of my Juarez relatives.  Will border-zone Mexico safer after the next elections?  And if so, when?


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